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Why Buyer Refunds Are Setting the Tone in Palm Beach County

Buying a home is certainly an exciting endeavor, but it is equally as stressful — this time is emotionally charged and most likely one of your biggest purchases to date! You not only have to qualify for a loan that fits within your budget, but you also have to work in potential first-time homeowners insurance and closings costs, which can be extremely high.

Some people are never privy to buying a home because of all the financial hoops you seemingly have to jump through, but what if there was a different, more innovative way to buying a home?

At Orca Homes, we are Palm Beach County’s leading real estate community, providing transparent practices in the real estate process. Find clarity and calm in buying or selling your home. If you are curious about what we offer to home buyers in Palm Beach County, join us in today’s post!

The Trappings of Traditional Real Estate

The most instinctual part of us when it comes to buying a home is to seek out a real estate agent that you like and trust, but often times, you end up hearing more of the real estate agents you shouldn’t work with than ones that are actually recommended.

There always seems to be a looming disconnect — the ethereal real estate agent that is professional and has your best interest in mind — paired with the reality that maybe a successful real estate agent who streamlines the home buying process, quite simply, doesn’t exist.

Beyond qualifying for a loan and having a down payment, there are often other unexpected costs, and typically, there is a listing agreement where the seller and the agent both get a percentage, but as a buyer, you end up drawing the short straw!

If the home buying process seems murky, unauthentic, and you are looking for an alternative approach to buying real estate, Orca homes has your solution!

Buyer Refunds – Palm Beach County

The traditional real estate system is being disrupted and is changing the way we can buy homes, while getting money back to put towards closing costs, but how does it work?

Typically, your agent will be compensated through an agreement between the home seller and listing agent. The buyer’s agent will get a commission that they pass on to the buyer to help them with closing costs.

Why ditch traditional real estate and work with an agent that offers a buyers refund?

This is the no-brainer, working with an agent that offers a buyers refund puts money back into your pocket! This rebate can be used for anything such as closing costs or a renovation.

When your real estate agent is working on a fixed commission, you know you are seeing all the relevant listings, which undoubtedly makes the process more enjoyable, authentic, and concise.

The buyer refund structure of Orca Homes sets the tone for complete transparency, thus putting the buyer first, which is something we can all get behind.

For more information about how we can help you secure the home of your dreams all while giving you cash back, connect with us today!

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