We are dedicated to improving all aspects of the real estate transaction through a combination of technology, customer service, and company innovation.

Orca Homes - Our Story

Orca Homes is a technology-first real estate startup looking to vastly improve the customer experience during all phases of the real estate transaction. Orca was started by its CEO and founder, Dan Savage, after his 3+ years in the real estate and mortgage industries. Orca believes in helping all potential buyers and sellers achieve the same service and expertise regardless of someone’s financial situation or purchase price. Our business model was designed so that our agents are able to help all price points and not just focus on wealthier clientele.

Dan spent two years working at Better Mortgage, where he helped build out the sales and business development teams. Better Mortgage received the 2018 Best Online Mortgage Lenders for Customer Service award from Nerdwallet. Dan also spent time at Real, a technology real estate brokerage operating in 25 states with 900+ agents. After spending 3+ years in both industries, he still saw a large lack of communication between all parties involved to complete a real estate transaction.

Dan also saw that the large inflow of technology improvements in the real estate and mortgage industries, over the past few years, were mostly only looking to help wealthy home buyers. Dan found it particularly frustrating that the technology being developed across the industry was also mostly designed to improve the experience for the buyers that typically already had a relatively straightforward process.

For these reasons, Orca is working with quality mortgage and title providers that can be more flexible in their underwriting than the majority of their competitors. Orca believes in helping all Americans receive top service when they decide to make the biggest financial transaction of their lives; regardless of their financial situation or the dollar figure of the home they are looking to buy.

Longer-term Orca wants to make all of our clients as competitive as cash buyers. We are working to get to a point where when our agents submit offers to the listing agents, the listing agents knows our clients are fully approved and they will close quickly. We are a very competitive team in a very competitive industry, but we are focused on giving ALL of our clients a winning edge.

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